election fraud

Blog article
by Bob Thomas

Analyzing Data To Prove
(or Dis-Prove) Election Fraud


There is continuing discussion in the United States on the topic of election fraud, and it can be expected that this will be a highly visible topic with future elections.

To help both Federal and state-level organizations detect or disprove election fraud, DataWalk can be used as election fraud software to instantly identify irregularities such as:

  • Dead voters
  • Felons who have voted
  • Individuals who voted more than once
  • Underage voters

Identifying such conditions is easy with DataWalk software. DataWalk enables you to quickly fuse together any of your internal or external data sources, such as voter registration data, the Social Security Death Index (social security numbers of people who are deceased), databases of incarcerated individuals, and anything else. Simple visual queries can then be created to identify any of the above conditions, and alerts can be generated if any of these conditions are met as additional votes become available.

DataWalk can quickly be deployed and configured, such that you can start getting results in a couple weeks. Your various available databases and other data sources can quickly be imported into DataWalk, normalized, and transformed as needed such that your data is available for effective analysis.

By being able to detect such irregularities in votes that have been cast, you will be able to quickly identify any votes (and voters) which match suspicious conditions, such that you can then confidently address questions or concerns regarding potential election fraud.


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