Data Discovery: what it is, who needs it, and what DataWalk offers

What Is Data Discovery?

Data discovery is the process of collating data across multiple data sources into a single repository; prepping and organizing that data without a lengthy data modelling process; and then visually exploring that data to gain new insights and to quickly detect patterns and anomalies. Data discovery software tools enable and support this process.


Data Discovery Example

A data discovery example could be an insurance company that combines multiple data sources into a unified view, develops a simple data model in a few hours, and then does visual querying to test hypothesis about potential fraud conditions.


Who Needs Data Discovery?

Any organization that sees potential value in fusing multiple data sets, that wants to quickly check for patterns and anomalies, and does not have (or want to use) programming resources, is a candidate for data discovery.


Data Discovery: The DataWalk Solution

DataWalk is effectively a data discovery software platform. DataWalk is a full-stack software platform for data analysis, which enables multiple data sources to easily be connected in a single integrated repository. Data modelling is done through a simple visual interface, and initial models can often be created in a few hours. Data can be transformed in DataWalk as needed, and then patterns and anomalies can be quickly identified via querying through an intuitive, no-code visual interface.

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