Investigation Analytics

Integrate and analyze all of your data to rapidly accelerate investigations.

Investigation Analytics

Integrate and analyze all of your data to rapidly accelerate investigations.

Accelerate Investigations by 10X

DataWalk intelligence and investigation analytics software was designed to support investigations of any kind, regardless of whether you work in law enforcement, a special investigations unit, or any other public or commercial organization charged with detecting and/or investigating potential crimes. With all your data pre-connected in one place, automated processes for data preparation, and a powerful set of intuitive analysis tools at your fingertips, you can dramatically accelerate investigations.

Quickly Connect All Your Investigation Data

DataWalk enables you to quickly combine and access all your internal data sources, spreadsheets, text files, public records data, social media, dumps from devices, and anything else such that you can have a holistic view of your investigation data. Unlike other investigation analytics tools, DataWalk enables you to import your data without prior preparation; organize your data around understandable business objects such as people, vehicles, events, etc.; and seamlessly expand the model with any new data used in your investigation.

Enhance Data Preparation with Automation

DataWalk includes an entity resolution capability enabling you to transform your dirty data and find matches to dramatically reduce time spent on data preparation. In addition, you can automatically translate text in multiple languages, geocode addresses, parse PDFs, extract entities from text files, and much more.

Holistic and Robust Investigation Features

DataWalk provides robust capabilities for investigation analytics, and is applicable for a wide range of use cases including gun/drug investigations, fraud investigations, anti-money laundering investigations, cryptocurrency investigations, and many more.

With all your data connected and at your fingertips, you can use visual querying, link analysis, geospatial analysis, text analysis, and other investigation analytics to quickly identify connections that would otherwise be impossible to find. With DataWalk, you can track and visualize financial transitions and communications such as phone calls on flows and time-series analysis.

In addition, unlike other investigation tools, DataWalk enables you to automatically discover organized crime networks, patterns of life or identify possible paths between objects of interest.

Proactive Enhancement

The best approach for an investigation is to identify the most suspicious things among dozens of attributes and fingerprints. Thanks to a powerful scoring capability, DataWalk enables you to combine any combination of suspicious conditions and assign weights to each to enhance human intelligence and dramatically accelerate your investigation.

Collaborate Easily and Securely

DataWalk investigation software is built for collaboration. You can easily, securely share data, graphs, and investigation files, improving the information exchange between authorized colleagues.

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