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Easily find what you want, even with vast amounts of data

A common challenge in environments with large amounts of data is that you are overwhelmed with irrelevant search results. DataWalk supports a targeted search facility that enables you to configure the specific fields you want to search for any type of entity, delivering results that are far more precise.

Find The Data You Want With Targeted Search

In DataWalk you can configure the specific fields that you want to search, for a specific entity type. For example, if you want to be able to search for a “name”, then you may want to configure the search facility to specifically check the “name” field of one data set, the “full name” field of a second data set, the “applicant name” of a third data set, and so on. With this approach you are only searching relevant fields for each type of entity, which helps ensure that you get highly relevant search results.

Flexible Fuzzy Search Options

You can search for terms based on exact match, wildcards, “sounds like” (Soundex, Eudex), variants of a word (stemming), typos of a word, or Regular Expressions.

Quick Search: For Simplified Data Access

As DataWalk includes a data repository of fused data, often non-analyst users would like to access DataWalk effectively as a “database,” simply to find and view a Summary of a data record. DataWalk’s Quick Search facility meets this need with a simplified search-oriented interface that can be accessed by both desktop users in an office, or mobile users in the field.

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