Data Repository

DataWalk includes an embedded data repository where all of your data is stored and connected, for easy access and analysis.


A Single Repository Connecting All Your Data

A foundational capability of DataWalk is an embedded data repository where you can store and connect all of your data. DataWalk integrates all your data from multiple internal and external sources into a universal model to deliver a 360-degree view of any data element, to support both tactical and strategic analyses.


Dramatically Accelerate Your Work

Analysts, data scientists, and many other users often spend a significant portion of their time trying to locate and prepare the data they want, before they can actually do anything with it. DataWalk dramatically accelerates efficiency and time-to-results by having all of your desired data pre-connected and in the DataWalk repository. Unlike other Enterprise-class systems, in DataWalk your data is automatically connected after ingest – for example automatically connecting a person’s phone number with other people who may share that phone number - further accelerating efficiency by offloading users from the need to create such connections manually.


Connect To External Sites And Sources

With DataWalk you can not only connect data from your various internal data sources (e.g., databases, spreadsheets, etc.), but you can also pull data ad-hoc from external sources and connect it to your other data in DataWalk. These external sources can include public records services, social media sites, other Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) sources, and the darknet*.


Scale To Vast Amounts Of Data

DataWalk can effectively accommodate workloads with many millions or billions of records. Unique DataWalk technology, can effectively scale to handle vast amounts of data, simply by adding more servers to a DataWalk cluster.


*May require separate purchase of third-party software products.


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