DataWalk supports authorities in the intelligent analysis and management of operations on an epidemiological battlefield.
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Covid-19 Analysis


Intelligence Analysis Software to combat coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading around the world with incredible speed. Agencies and governments are looking for effective ways to stop the virus and mitigate its effects. Managing the complexities related to the variety and scale of disparate data that governments collect - and want to analyze - requires a radical, tactical shift from traditional methods and techniques. On this new battlefield, minimizing the time it takes to deploy a system and generate results is critical, as is the ability to correlate silo’d data on the fly in order to immediately analyze fast-changing data. Intelligence analysis must be used to fight against this new type of hidden enemy.

Operational and analytical environment for correlating various types of data

DataWalk is analytics software which enables authorities to have a single repository where all of their internal and public data is visible, connected, and available for analysis. This may include public records, patient data, immigration data, hospital information, availability of medical equipment, local infection statistics, cell phone data, calls to emergency service numbers, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), law enforcement databases and other mobile device data provided by Google or Facebook. DataWalk is based on a Big Data architecture which can easily handle many billions of records, so you don’t need to worry about running out of capacity even if you have vast amounts of data.


Identify supercarriers and potentially infected people and areas

DataWalk enables you to identify people who are at highest risk of infection by using multi-rule scoring that can combine cell phone data, infection data, and border crossing data. The data can be assessed to identify the length of exposure and the proximity of specific individuals to virus carriers. In addition,using powerful graph algorithms DataWalk can analyze billions of data records and identify common points for individuals, in order to identify a single person who may be a spreader.

Automatically identify individuals breaking quarantine

DataWalk can use data from government-provided mobile applications and other telco data to designate and monitor quarantine zones. An alert can then be generated and geolocated anytime a quarantined individual leaves the quarantine zone. Depending on the data authorities have access to, DataWalk can enable identification of the person’s place of living or even identify a specific phone number and name of an individual who does not respect the quarantine.


Rapid deployment with minimal IT support required

When time is critical, DataWalk can uniquely meet the need. Unlike other analytics systems, DataWalk can be installed in minutes (either on-premise or in the cloud), data can be imported and connected in hours, and you can start delivering initial results in a few days or even less. DataWalk is very agile, even in a production environment, such that it can be easily expanded with additional data sources, new analysis and new use cases. This can all be done with little or no IT support.

Predict disease outbreaks and equipment / medical staff shortages

DataWalk can help optimize the allocation of critical resources during the Coronavirus epidemic. Using machine learning, DataWalk can predict potential areas of COVID-19 infection growth for the coming days, as well as the general risk of a shortage of medical resources resulting from overcrowded hospitals. If the data is available, DataWalk can then identify potential opportunities to optimally re-allocate these resources (e.g., doctors, nurses, ventilators, etc.) from areas of lower utilization, to where they are needed the most.

Demo: COVID-19: Resource Allocation

Demo: Identifying People at Risk of Coronavirus

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