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press release

DataWalk Extends Data Analysis Solution To Help Governments Fight Coronavirus

March 19, 2020 

DataWalk demonstrates ability to use network analysis software to optimize allocation of resources during the pandemic


DataWalk, provider of the industry’s most advanced intelligence analysis software, today announced that the company has demonstrated a solution that can help optimize allocation of critical resources during the Coronavirus epidemic.

On March 10, DataWalk published the first demonstration of its analytical platform to fight coronavirus. Now the company is demonstrating an extension to this solution - this time showing how advanced, scalable link analytics can help optimize the work of medical and public safety services.

Reports from countries heavily impacted by Coronavirus reflect that there can be critical shortages of both doctors and vital medical equipment (e.g., respirators, etc.) in areas of significant outbreaks. DataWalk engineers recognized that the company’s technology could use Big Data analytics to both predict locations of outbreaks, as well as identify how to optimally re-allocate personnel and equipment in order to maximize effectiveness.

“Not having the right medical resources and equipment in the right place at the right time costs lives,” said Pawel Wieczynski, DataWalk CEO for EMEA “Today we are demonstrating how DataWalk’s unique technology can enable health agencies to predict new outbreaks, and how and when to move medical equipment in order to best handle surges in demand.”

DataWalk provides a ready-made analytical environment to which organizations can add and connect any available data – such as hospital capacity, equipment inventory, immigration data, cell phone data, and anything else – to generate analyses and recommendations for optimal deployment of resources.

Unique DataWalk technology enables a solution to be deployed in hours, which is critical in a pandemic situation where speed is of the essence.

“Our unique technology enables us to quickly deploy and optimize sophisticated Big Data analysis solutions,” says Wieczynski. “We are ready and able to quickly assist governments and national/international health organizations in the fight against Coronavirus.”


About DataWalk 

DataWalk is an analytical platform for revealing patterns, relationships, and anomalies for large-scale, multi-source intelligence operations. Using patented technologies combining a massively scalable big- data engine with user-friendly visual interfaces, DataWalk enables agencies to rapidly import and blend data from multiple sources into a singular data view using intuitive visualizations for faster intelligence- led decision-making.



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