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Cryptocurrencies and the darknet are increasingly important vehicles for illegal activity, but as these are designed to be anonymous, it’s a challenging environment for investigations by law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and other organizations. By connecting cryptocurrency/ darknet data with other data sources to attempt to find clues as to the identities of bad actors, DataWalk can help agencies significantly improve their investigative capabilities with cryptocurrencies and the darknet. With DataWalk you can identify wallets of interest, correlate them with other wallets via cryptocurrency transfers, and finally connect them with pseudonyms and real identities, all without requiring technical skills.

Instantly Search For Addresses and Identities

With DataWalk you can instantly check for bitcoin wallets, as well as identities correlated with wallets of interest, that come from search warrants, OSINT, darknet or any other source. DataWalk extracts encrypted and password-protected illicit content. Using powerful graph algorithms, DataWalk automatically clusters all bitcoin wallet addresses dynamically, and can present them either separately or as one entity. All wallet details can be displayed on a dossier as an interactive summary.

Search for:
  • identities
  • keywords
  • PGP keys
  • phone numbers
  • e-Mail address, etc.

    Visual Bitcoin Flow Analysis

    With instant access to all bitcoin transactions from the blockchain, you can quickly follow the money to identify addresses associated with suspicious funds. By visualizing flows on a link chart, DataWalk enables you to graphically analyze and visualize how wallets transacted via tracking bitcoin movement. With DataWalk you can apply filters on transactions and wallets to reduce your data down to objects indicative of frauds, money laundering or other criminal activities.

    Monitor wallets via alerts

    DataWalk offers a powerful alerting capability to monitor for user-defined conditions and value changes in the data. You can easily define rules for individuals, their wallets, related transactions or any other data from your analytical workspace. Alerts are easy to configure and data is constantly scanned to check against alert conditions. Alerts are managed in an alerts queue for easy review and follow-up.

    Deliver target packages for prosecutors

    With DataWalk you can easily document your findings and investigations. Customizable dossiers show all desired data about an object on a single screen, and can be used as target packages. You can easily create and share a folder for a new investigation, and attach analyses, link charts, notes, and any related documents.

    Two usage models

    DataWalk is a great fit for “power user” analysts who may want to do sophisticated analyses. On the other extreme, DataWalk is also a great fit for non-technical users, who can easily use the system for searches, target packages, instant analyses, and investigation folders.

    Seeing Is Believing


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