Phone Dump Analysis

DataWalk software provides new capabilities for phone dump analysis, enabling you to connect and analyze data across multiple cell phone extracts.

Easily Connect And Analyze Multiple Cell Phone Extracts

DataWalk enables you to easily connect and analyze data across multiple cell phone extracts, without constraints on the number of phones or amount of data. Unlike other analytics systems which can only enable you to analyze one extract at a time, with DataWalk you can extend phone dump analysis by connecting data across multiple extracts to gain new insights on criminal activities and organizations.

Connect Cell Phone Dumps With Other Data

You can do not only analysis of cell phone extracts across multiple devices, you can also readily identify connections between data in cell phone extracts with your other internal data sources; with external data from your subscription services; and with external data from Facebook, Twitter or other data sources on the Internet.*

Get More Intelligence Out Of Cell Phone Data

DataWalk enables you to take phone dump analysis to a new level. You can create a dictionary of slang terms – in any languages – and identify text messages that use these common slang terms, across multiple cell phone dumps. You also can easily compare the metadata of photos (such as time of day, geolocation, etc.) across multiple extracts and other data, to quickly see if the same image appears. Finally, you can efficiently do advanced toll analysis across multiple cellphone extracts.

A Robust Intelligence Analysis Solution

Importantly, DataWalk is not a special-purpose mobile forensics product, but is a comprehensive intelligence analysis solution that does far more than phone dump analysis. DataWalk is applicable to numerous use cases in law enforcement, national intelligence organizations, defense organizations and others.

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