Target Packages

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by Bob Thomas

DataWalk Feature Focus:

Target Packages

A common customer need in law enforcement, intelligence, and military applications is to easily generate and share target packages.

In DataWalk, target packages are easily configured to meet the specific needs of each organization or agency, and can include any data you desire about a person, event, vehicle, weapon, location, or anything else. Data that feeds into a target package can be from your internal sources, external sources, OSINT, or public records services. An example of a DataWalk target package for law enforcement is shown below.

Target packages can instantly be retrieved by any authorized user with the appropriate permissions to view that information, and this can include everyone from command staff, to analysts, to officers on patrol using a mobile device.

Target packages can be as brief or as comprehensive as you want, and can also be saved as PDFs for distribution.

In DataWalk, target packages are generated via a broader feature that we call Summaries. This reflects that while target packages in law enforcement and intelligence are key examples of where you’d like to see a particular set of information about a subject or location, in other sectors there are similar needs. For example, in the insurance sector, analysts may want to view key information about a person, claim, or event; while in procurement fraud applications there may be interest in seeing key information assembled about a particular buyer, seller, or product.

Whatever the need and whatever the application, DataWalk Summaries can provide a helpful snapshot of key desired data about anything of interest.

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